About Us


It’s what we’ve devoted ourselves to in the speaking industry for over a decade.

Maybe that’s where the ‘see’ came from, subconsciously. But this mission has nothing to do with eye charts.

Approximately 78% of meeting professionals find speakers and entertainment for their events from recommendation or personal experience.

That’s ¾ of planner speaker decisions coming from eyeballs being pointed at a small group of recycled speakers on stages.

With all the shiny packaging and accessibility to technology we have in the marketplace, the only truly safe bet speakers are those who have had your (or your colleagues) eyeballs on them.

Sadly this recycled talent provides event attendees with déjà vu and less than meaningful engagement, leaving fresh, top-tier talent to languish in obscurity.

Ya gotta admit you’ve been seeing a lot of the same names on programs, so you know it’s true.

Imagine hundreds of attendees have just filed out of the ballroom where the General Session speaker got a standing ovation.

Now imagine you hear some side conversations about that speaker.

  • “They are great. I saw him at X event 5 years ago.”

  • “Our CEO saw her at another event, so we booked her for ours.”

  • “His name is everywhere.”

  • “I keep seeing the same speakers wherever I go.”

Followed by words that the hair on the back of our necks stand up:

  • “Where is the fresh talent?”

This is roughly the same scenario that plays out at hundreds of events every year – and has been for a good while.

Enter Plan See.

Our goal is to create visibility for ‘hidden gem’ speakers in an event with rich educational content and quality networking opportunities for Event Professionals.

Our events offer fresh faces and best-practices to mix up a stale system of speaker selection.

We aim to address the need for legitimate, fresh talent vs. overbooked (often underwhelming) talent. AKA: speakers at our events won’t show up 20 years after their headshot.

We give Event Professionals a place to:

  • Learn more about talent sourcing and selection from speaking industry icons
  • Experience fresh, top-tier speakers live on stage
  • Meet and engage with talent in person
  • Deepen trust and loyalty through face-to-face interactions
  • Earn CMP-IS CE credits

The half-day events will include 12-minute power sessions (in various contexts) by every speaker, plus a 30-minute featured keynote by a jaw-dropping, marquee name.

Want to see better events? Plan to attend.

And bring your eyeballs. We promise to take good care of them!