Speakers Bureaus

Lots of chatter in our industry about "increasing customer loyalty by increasing value.” But what do your meeting professional customers really value when sourcing speakers?

Three words:


How do we know this?*

  • 72% of planners rely on speaker suggestions from colleagues
  • 65% of planners rely on events they’ve attended to find speakers
  • 41% prioritize personal experience hearing the speaker
  • 32% prioritize personal experience using the speaker

Planners book speakers from personal experience. They trust a speaker either they’ve seen or their colleagues have seen speak.

Also (brace yourselves), only 14% prioritize their relationship with a speakers bureau when sourcing speakers (yikes).

The speaker sourcing process appears to be trending in a disturbingly DIY direction.

What if your customers could...

  • Find speakers by seeing them at an event?
  • Credit YOU with the discovery?
  • Earn CMP CE credits in the process?

Enter Plan See.

Plan See events are half-day events in select locations around the US that support our Events Industry colleagues in their search for fresh, safe bet speakers.

Our half-day events include:

  • Industry Subject Matter Experts
  • Pro Speaker Power Sessions
  • Interactivity & Audience Engagement
  • Networking with Colleagues & Thought Leaders

We invite you, our Speakers Bureau partner, to attend these events and invite your clients to join you AT NO COST.**

Plan See educational content is top-notch with top-of-mind concerns for planners, presented in conversational and interactive formats. Our Subject Matter Experts present content of the very highest caliber based on current trends and research.

Our hand-picked Professional Speakers and Performers offer keynote topics in the top 7 most highly regarded by planners* in a range of speaking fees to suit a variety of budgets. From authorities on the hottest topics to jaw-dropping marquee names, these speakers have logged countless hours on stage, sharpening their speaking skills into our industry’s best-kept secrets and next-best things.

As an Events Industry Council Preferred Provider***, we support the EIC's continuing education goal to maintain and enhance the professional competency of CMP professionals by offering CE credits to our CMP attendees, satisfying a minimum of 2.5 credit hours in the CMP-IS Meeting or Event Design Domain.

The truth is, you need to provide the safe bet to your customers, and that means that you need to see speakers present live just as much as they do.

Plan See will ensure that your bureau/client relationship not only remains intact but is strengthened. We rely on you, our bureau partner, to nurture the booking opportunities that result from our events, and you will receive up to 30% commission for the speakers on our roster.

That, my friends, is what the experts call "increasing value to customers."

And guess what… you’re OUR customer.

Want to join us?

*SOURCE: M&C research of 117 Meeting Professionals

**up to 5 comp registrations per bureau agent, $129 registration fee

*** Plan See/See Agency is a CMP Preferred Provider. The program(s) identified with the CMP Preferred Provider logo meet the requirements to receive continuing education (CE) credit for the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) credential. All qualifying activities also indicate how many CE credits attendees will receive for participating. In order for these records to be accepted by the Events Industry Council (EIC), the email used for your Plan See registration MUST match (case sensitive) the email provided to the EIC for your account. The use of the CMP Preferred Provider Pre-Check logo is not an endorsement by the Events Industry Council of the quality of the session. For more information about the CMP credential or CMP Preferred Provider Program, please visit www.EventsCouncil.org.